How to Use a Selfie Stick

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How to Use a Selfie Stick

Whether you think selfie sticks are bringing out the narcissistic side of people or not, these gadgets are here to stay. Selfie poles are smartphone accessories that let you hold your phone away from your body in order to take a selfie or group snap that does not entail your arm.  A selfie stick package entails:

  1. Phone Bracket
  2. USB-to-micro-USB cable
  3. Selfie pole with an inbuilt battery and a remote shutter button

They are two types of devices that use the selfie stand which are, cameras and smartphones.

 For Cameras:

Attach your camera to the screw-like structure on top of your stick, and ensure that your camera fits perfectly on the pole. If the monopod has an already attached phone holder you can try removing it by rotating it anti-clockwise. If the phone holder can’t be removed from the pole, it’s likely that the selfie stick ain’t made for cameras.

For Smartphones:

Mount your phone on the phone holder, which can be extended depending with the size of the phone. One is advised to remove the cover of their phone if the phone is too big in order to allow it fit exactly.

Sometimes you have to download a camera app in order to use your selfie stand perfectly, this is required for selfie sticks that do not have Bluetooth systems. If your phone does not have a timer it is recommended for you to download a camera app with a timer.

Following these guide you can now start using your monopod.

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Reasons to use Selfie Sticks

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Reasons to use Selfie Sticks

Selfies were been criticized but with the coming of selfie sticks, the level of criticism has gone overboard with people referring to them as “Narcisstick”. These monopods has helped improve our photography experiences and the quality of shots been taken. Here are some of the reasons why we are crazy obsessed with selfie poles:

  1. Group Photos

Taking group photos has never gotten easier, all thanks to selfie stands. These gadgets allow you to get your camera further giving you a wider view.  You are now able to capture your group and also the background view of the place.

  1. Freedom of creativity.

Selfies sticks have given people the freedom to be creative while taking their snaps. With these monopods you can get your camera lower or higher for getting different angles.  These new angles allow you to capture really good shots.

  1. No arm seen

Unlike when we take our selfies using our phones and our arm is included, with selfie stands you get to say goodbye to your arm been included in the shot.  This gives you a much clearer shot.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a selfie stick, you need to rush to the market to secure one and enjoy its experience.

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How to know the Best Selfie Stick by Reading Reviews

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How to know the Best Selfie Stick by Reading Reviews

Selfie sticks been the hot new thing in the market, many people are wondering how reading of review will help them acquire the best selfie sticks. Here is how you can get the most from reading the reviews, bearing in mind that these are people’s opinions on the different monopods they bought from different sites.

  • Read the longest reviews

Long reviews contain more detailed information on the experiences the users are having when using their selfie poles. Educate yourself on the specific features and uses of the type of stick you want to purchase. It will also make the selection of the reviews you want to read easier.

  • Check for the sizes of the monopods

Even when reading the review, check the specific size of the selfie stick. Most of the selfie stands are made bearing in mind height of the average user. Consider the length of the monopod so that you can purchase a fit one for your height.

  • Comparing the reviews

Compare the different reviews given by different users. This allows to give you the different perspective of the users. Some may find the gadget to be light and others heavy depending on their taste. Different reviews will give you different opinions thus you can come to an easier conclusion of the monopod you want buy.

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How much to Spend on your Monopod

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How much to Spend on your Monopod

With the introduction of selfie sticks everyone is rushing to the market to acquire one for themselves. These gadgets have been trending since they give you a much easier time while taking your selfies and they also capture your background scenery. To what extent are you willing to spend your money on these monopods? This is how you can find a good selfie pole for the right price:

  1. Acquire some information

Get some information from some of the people who have selfie sticks. Inquire about their selfie experience using the selfie stand and whether they fit perfectly with their phones or cameras.

  1. Be Specific

Be sure of how you want to use your selfie pole whether it is in the future or presently. The most important thing to consider the smartphone or camera you are phone to fit in the phone holder.

If you ever want to use your monopod with a camera you can acquire an adapter that is attached to a regular camera selfie pole.  This will ensure that you are able to capture good selfies and smoother videos.

  1. Selfie Pole Accessories

After making a decision on the type of selfie stand you want, you can try thinking of whether you will need the monopods accessories such as the fluid heads.

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Best Selfie Sticks – Pictures & Video

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Best Selfie Sticks – Pictures & Video

 1. ZekPro Selfie Stick


 2. Volsey Selfie Stick

VOLSEY Monopod

3. Minisuit Selfie Stick


Minisuit Selfie Stick

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